Business and Management Curriculum


The online BSBA in business and management curriculum is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of managerial roles, activities, and functions of organizations. In core and elective courses, you will learn how to use your leadership skills and business knowledge to grow in your career and make an impact on your industry.

Key Content Areas

A Simmons education will prepare you to think and lead within your area of focus and beyond. Our undergraduate experience includes courses in a variety of key content areas — such as science, culture, social history, and the arts — that represent different ways of thinking about the world and approaching complex topics. These learning opportunities within and across disciplines prepare our graduates to solve a wide range of challenges in their lives, careers, and communities.

Like many of our students who are continuing their academic journey with Simmons, you may have transferable credits that fulfill key content area requirements. Be sure to submit your academic transcripts for review — we accept up to 96 transfer credits. 

Program Requirements 

Below are the business degree–specific course requirements and business and management major courses. Some courses in this program may have prerequisites. 

Business (BSBA) Degree Prerequisites

FAFSA Start Date
Course # Title Credits
ECON 100 Principles of Microeconomics 4
STAT 110 Introductory Statistics 4

Business (BSBA) Degree Core Courses

FAFSA Start Date
Course # Title Credits
BUS 100 Intro to Business and Management 4
ACCT 110 Financial Accounting 4
ACCT 120 Managerial Accounting 4
BUS 234 Organizational Communication & Behavior 4
BUS 250 Marketing 4
BUS 260 Financial Management 4
BUS 325 Operations Management 4
BUS 370A Internship and Career Strategies 2
BUS 370B Learning From Internship Experience 2
BUS 340 Capstone: Strategic Management 4

Business and Management Major Courses

FAFSA Start Date
Course # Title Credits
BUS 137 Entrepreneurial Mindset 4
BUS 221 Project Management 4
BUS 320 Negotiations 4
  Electives 8