Encouraging Empathy: How to Teach Apologies to Children on the Autism Spectrum

Apologizing may not come naturally to children. Behavior analysis can support empathy building for children on the autism spectrum.

Interventions for Girls and Women on the Autism Spectrum

Girls experiencing symptoms of autism are likely to be diagnosed later or less frequently than boys. Behavior analysis can help address the unique needs that girls and women have, and tailor interventions.

Planning Trips for Children With Autism

Caregivers for children with autism need to be able to expect the unexpected. How can they prepare for new experiences?

BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons Faculty Spotlight: Kylan Turner, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA

Associate professor Kylan Turner’s research in interventions to address sleep and feeding behavior problems in children with autism has taken her around the world.

An Equitable Approach to Structural Determinants of Health

Much of the focus of public health has been on behavior change at the individual level. While this is a crucial component to improving health outcomes, it is not always adequate in addressing barriers to health equity. Learn more about why the online MPH@Simmons program looks at public health through the lens of equity, rather than equality.

Meet Behavior Analysis Student Maria Villegas, ’18SW

A registered behavior technician, Maria Villegas says her mission in life has always been to help others. As an undergraduate she studied psychology, and later worked as a preschool teacher. Villegas enrolled in the BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons program to continue to study human behavior and to prepare to become BCBA® certified.